Three kitchen mishaps you can easily avoid

Three kitchen mishaps you can easily avoid

The kitchen is a dangerous place. Sharp knives, hot stoves and glassware are all potentially deadly safety hazards. There is a definite need to be wary when working in a kitchen as accidents can happen quickly.

This is especially true if you have small children running around.

Push it back

Appliances like kettles, toasters and blenders usually have long cables that can often be reached by tiny hands. Be sure to move all appliances as far back on to the counter as possible, taking care to move the leads out of reach. Children can grab the cables, causing the appliance, or the contents of the appliance, to fall on them.

This is also true for pans on the stove. When working with a pan, be sure to turn the handle onto the stove, if possible, to avoid kids grabbing it and getting burned.

Keep it clean

Be sure to wipe up any spills and grease as soon as you can. Letting things sit while you are busy can make you forget. It is easy to slip on a tiled kitchen floor, especially if a liquid such as water or grease has been spilled.

Also, keep counters clutter-free. WikiHow says to pack away dishes and utensils after you have cleaned them. You should always have enough room on your stove and counters to do what you need for cooking. Keeping your stove and counters clear will reduce the chances of things falling.

Keep glassware low

When glass falls it can shatter, leaving shards of dangerous glass all over the floor. Some shards are not even visible to the naked eye and can injure you, especially if they are on the ground. If you do not find every piece, you could step in the glass accidentally. Kids can also pick them up, and toddlers may even put pieces of broken glass in their mouths.

By keeping glass in the bottom cupboards, you decrease the risk of them falling. Even if the glass does fall from a low height, the amount of splintering is less than if it were to fall from high up.

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