Three things your child minder should know

Three things your child minder should know

Parents are very particular when it comes to selecting a suitable babysitter to mind their child or children when needed. Childminders should always come with good references and training. When it comes to trusting someone with the responsibility of watching your kids, there are certain skills they need, and then there are certain things you need to equip them with too, so that they can tailor their care to your child. 

All your contact information

When leaving your child in someone’s care, especially for long periods of time, be sure to leave detailed information for them to be able to contact you. Going to work? Give them your office number, just in case your cell is offline. Off to a restaurant? Be sure to tell them where you’re going if possible. If anything happens, you want to be accessible.

Child’s allergies and history

The person who minds your children will be feeding them, bathing them and performing other duties for them that may include food, lotions, beverages and other things that will make contact with your child’s body. You will want to leave your childminder a detailed list of what your child can eat, any allergies, sensitivities and special information that will make the time away from you easy for your child and assist the childminder.

Also be sure to leave a list that pertains to the child’s favourite snacks, bedtime, what type of stimuli is allowed and at what times and the like.

CPR and first aid

Accidents happen very quickly. As much as you can baby proof your home, sometimes children can get into sticky situations and hurt themselves and when that happens, adults in charge need to be prepared!

Parent24 says that ensuring that you, as a parent, and your childminder are trained in how to be aware of potential dangers in the home, as well as in essential CPR and First Aid for an emergency, is of the utmost importance. Also ensure that you have all the emergency numbers on hand and know who to call.

An important technique is the baby Heimlich manoeuvre. Children, especially toddlers, are still trying to navigate their mouths and throats and choke on food much easier than adults and older kids. The Heimlich manoeuvre, especially the version that has been altered to be safe for kids, is a vital skill to dislodge anything from a child’s throat.

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