Useful apps for emergency situations

Useful apps for emergency situations

Technology now affords us the convenience of being able to call for emergency services with the push of a button. Waiting on the phone or trying to get through jammed signals is no longer necessary. There are now apps that can connect you to the help you need in a fraction of the time.

South Africa’s high crime rate is a scary reality for citizens. Having an immediate link to police, ambulances and other services can be one step closer to achieving peace of mind.


Guardly is a Canadian-based security company with its headquarters in Toronto.

Whether you’re travelling overseas on business or you’re in a parking garage with poor cellular coverage or sitting at your desk, Guardly alerts and connects you with your organisation’s security operations instantly, explains The Next Web. The app allows administrators to send updates about what is happening in your area as well as warnings and alerts.

Once you open the app, it detects your location and sends your GPS location and indoor positioning to whoever you choose (within your network). It also allows two-way communication with private security, emergency authorities and safety groups.


A South African Safety innovation, the iER App, is a mobile network of your closest friends and family, as well as the iER contact centre, is available to you at a push of a button. iER is connected to a database of 1000s of rescue and security personnel (including a national network of private, semi-private and governmental emergency medical and non-medical response services) ready to be dispatched to your emergency.

Best if all, the iER app is free.

iER is backed by an emergency-trained call centre designed to respond to any emergency situation 24 hours a day, every day!

The app has many other features, including a panic button, GPS tracking, instant alerts and capabilities that allow users to send emergency information to friends and family for extra support.


Crash Detech

Crash Detech does exactly as the name suggests. The app can detect when you are in an automobile accident. It uses motion sensor technology to differentiate between the impact of merely dropping your phone to being in a serious accident. Once an accident is detected, the information and location of the victim are sent to a response centre.

It’s best suited for people who drive professionally, long distances or alone, although it is clear to see the benefits for anyone who downloads it.

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