Using iER for roadside assistance 

Using iER for roadside assistance 

Integrated Emergency Response (iER) is a disaster and emergency response management app that also offers roadside assistance to members. Affinity Enterprises created the iER Network because of South Africa’s increasing crime rate.

iER is the first of its kind in the country– an integrated private 911 service. 

The iER call centre manages highly trained emergency response personnel. They have direct contact with thousands of emergency response units and national service providers. 

The best part? iER is free of charge. 

You can download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices. 

Road accident stats SA

According to official published figures from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), 1616 people died on the country’s roads over the same period in 2019/2020, which means that this year’s figures represent a 10% reduction in fatalities.

However, figures indicate traffic volumes are also down, from 1,556 704 during 2019/2020 to 1, 410 782 in 2020/2021 – a reduction of just under 10%. 

Since the pandemic and lockdown, there has been a decrease in road accidents, although this is largely due to everyone being in their homes. There have still been enough instances to indicate that emergency roadside assistance is a huge need in SA, particularly on the longer, cross city roads.

How does iER work? 

iER’s graphically appealing mobile app connects an extensive database of South Africans to a centralised management system of emergency service providers. The app is also intuitively designed to make it easy for everyone to navigate. Users send a request, and the call centre calls you back. Alerts go out, and emergency responders dispatch to an emergency. As simple as that. 

Yes, pressing a single button will connect you to a call centre that will assist if you are on the side of the road! 

iER provides the emergency responders with your vital information, including your blood type, medical aid, personal security number and next of kin. ( all of which you have programmed into your app, to begin with). The more information, the more effective their assistance will be. 

The trained call centre staff members are vigilant and observant. By assessing the exact type of emergency you are in, the agent will dispatch the appropriate service will find its way to you promptly. 

The call centre deals with about 200 legitimate alerts each week. 

When can I use the app? 

iER is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The iER app is on your mobile phone, which means you will always have a connection. 

What other features exist on iER? 

The creators of iER believe that an immediate response to emergencies is critical. Many times that response comes from the community around you. 

You never know when you will encounter a roadside dilemma, iER has a feature that allows you to create groups for your family, friends and neighbourhood to distribute critical information. You can quickly notify a large group of people about your roadside emergency. iER contains built-in alerts and GPS tracking. The emergency services will locate you quickly, and the rescue is hassle-free. 

Your loved ones could use the GPD coordinates sent with the alert. They will track you and ensure that you get home safely, or they can come to where you are if close by. 

More about iER 

The app launched in 2016. Gauteng SAPS and Civilians Crime Intelligence endorsed iER. Network (CCIN). They acknowledged iER as ‘exactly what South Africa needed to prevent crime and save lives. 

People hardly have immediate access to the service provider they needed. iER is not just a panic button. It is readily available for many emergencies, including roadside assistance, kidnapping, potential drowning, bullying and many other disasters.

Anyone can use the iER app. It is free and funded by Affinity Enterprises. The funds allow the call centre staff to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and other overheads that keep the service free. 

Extensive research and resources became invested in developing iER. It is now South Africa’s most comprehensive emergency response service centre with a national footprint. iER has found effective intervention via the immediate response of emergency services.

iER offers members three different plan options.

It is Standard that everyone gets full and unrestricted access to the service providers on the network. The iER App is free on all devices and networks. If you want to upgrade to a package that allows you access to utilise iER’s total cover, There is a Premium Plan and a Premium Plan Plus that offer loads of extras for post-emergency protocol for a nominal fee.


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