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don't want to be a doctor anymore reddit

I really enjoy the different type of thinking, and seeing how your work pays off. I went in for all the wrong reasons. It's not that I feel anxious or anything, I just don't feel like doing it. Medical careers are also stressful and you usually have to work long hours. Live your life! That is what stirs my soul, what makes me dream... And the classes that I enjoyed most in college where exactly these ones. I realized that over time becoming a doctor had shifted from interest to money and I just knew that I didn't have the drive to get through med school because I was only doing it for the phat stacks. And so the lifestyle continued. I know it’s super confusing especially if you were premed for a while, feel free to PM if you want to chat w a senior who lived this experience. Thank you so much, I won't. Medical Photographer Idk. During the pandemic I actually started to learn programming. I became overwhelmed with the classes, I was having nutrition problems because of my diet (I tend to not eat when I'm stressed), and I started to feel very very sad. Every adult knows that so many people change majors and shit in college, especially when it comes to something like premed. If it isn't for you, it's not worth pursuing. Dun, dun, dunn. In the end I was never convinced with my own answer... ...Until this covid-19 pandemic happened. This is a job for me. I have literally the opposite story to you: everyone pushed languages/literature on me so I figured since I was good at it I should do it. I'm 30 years old and want to regain my health back, I have chronic neurological lyme disease 10 years untreated. Until then, Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be doctors, at least without understanding the necessary sacrifices. I choose to be happy, and for me, medicine will not give me that. I hope you find something you truly enjoy! Somehow I pushed through it, and forced myself to focus more, to be more productive, to achieve more. Part of me feels guilty for leaving this path. Every person has to realize that, and I hope the people in your life (and I’m willing to bet) have done the same. So, if there is anyone struggling like I was, if anyone here is debating whether they should continue in this medical school path, I would encourage you to think it through. I don't want to be a doctor, and I'm not going to. At this point, I am just having a mix of emotions. You got this! Being thrust into the unknown of our future careers is hard. - Chemical engineering major starting a job soon developing new battery types! But I don't want to end this story here, because each of our guests today are, in their own way, pushing for change. Congrats OP, and best of luck on your future endeavors. And what people refuse to understand or lack the ability to understand is that I. Don’t. I was a psychology major, did one really shitty semester, and had to take time off. Dr. Olds, in his role as former … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The most recent one two weeks ago in 6/19. In the end, with the right positive attitude many things can fall into place, and different paths may open giving us new perspectives. I am a currently a sophomore, and recently, I have slowly come to the realization that I don't want to pursue medicine anymore. It’s been very difficult to come to terms with this and I also feel a cloud of disappointment looming over my head, for when I tell everyone I’m probably going to switch majors. Close. It takes years and a rock-solid dedication to learn everything about medicine. Some people don't like working period. However, there are many other careers related to medicine, which have shorter periods of study. Beautiful story. The 24/7 voices, the humiliation of letting my family down, the social isolation and loneliness, I want it gone! Right now I'm really satisfied with my decision. I'm not here to tell you that this is a mistake, or that this is the right decision. Overall, I feel like I've let down everyone around me. :/. The continuous high levels of stress, inhumane long working hours, lack of sleep and under appreciation has left me burnt out, anxious and depressed. Reddit's home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies. I know once I tell everyone I am changing course, they will probably feel quite disappointed in me. I'm a doctor, so I can say this with a straight face: Don't trust your doctor. For what it’s worth, leaving a path you’re not happy with is always the right call. I was certain I wanted to go to med school but my shadowing experience made me realize I didn’t actually like or enjoy the field. I mean, I wasn't even in Med-School yet, and the tears I've cried after low MCAT scores, bad grades and average GPA are countless. Hey! He couldn't attend state dinners due to lack of space but had to wait in his office wearing a tuxedo! Super happy for you that you realized all this much quicker than I did! In this article, find out how to respectfully leave your old doctor, get your records and test results, and start off on the right foot with your new doctor. Well, barely making a 3.0 this semester with all of my work being online, the burnout hit me hard and I decided that the idea of medical school just doesn’t align with what I really want. I'm not premed (I'm here for the memes and the general undergraduate advice) but I'm currently applying to an MS program in epidemiology as a current microbiology major, and it's not something i EVER though about until about a year and a half ago. Good on you for being honest with yourself and realizing this early. He told that to his own literature professor when he was in college, and the professor said, "medicine is all about the stories of people. I then hated a huge chunk of my college experience of the certain ivy I promised my 14 year old self I would attend. It's not a lot of help probably, but also feel free to DM me if you want advice or to rant (I'm a junior undergrad btw). I wanted to be prepared to answer this question during my future interview, so I practiced many times and I came up with all sorts of ideas and rationalizations. Lol. There are a lot of new paths opened for you and I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your undergraduate studies :). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Don't want to pursue a career in medicine? If you are a cash patient, however, the doctor is not obliged to limit you to insurance company parameters of treatment. Now you just made yourself and your family proud. Many people don't realize this until super late. ...and science courses can even be applied to non-science careers because STEM knowledge is a plus for lots of folks. We decided to stop going to them once commitment was suggested. This is literally exactly what happened to me my freshman year of college. In the meantime, take some time to explore other things you might be passionate about. It is also incredibly hard to decide what you want to do after college because you really have no idea what being in the workforce is like. Time came for me to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and which career I wanted to pursue. Another bonus is that I can graduate a semester early and be working as a nurse what would have been less than halfway into (O)MS1. (Many things happened to me, including two exam dates in which I didn't took the test). ... Medical experts offered no help. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I don’t want to ever be a nurse again. I will admit, I’m enjoying the courses for biology way more than I did for psych. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. I don't have a choice. I did research in a very good university. Try a few different careers/jobs and find a good fit. But there was always the question in the back of my head: Why do you want to be a doctor? ... and recently, I have slowly come to the realization that I don't want to pursue medicine anymore. Then I switched to biology my junior year and began a pre-med track. If it helped you come to decision, shadowing served its purpose. Reagan's doctor called the job "vastly overrated, boring and not medically challenging". If this is not your case, and you are truly passionate about medicine, by all means go for it. I'm really glad you found something that sparks joy to you, and I hope you can feel satisfied doing what you truly enjoy. Today, after my 6/19 score got released (506) I feel at peace. I did shadowing in different specialties. Example: patent law, which requires some science know-how. So pull it back a bit – start by building your skillset on a smaller scale. I want to date again. This is your life and you have to be the one to decide how to live it. exactly you were literally a teenager when you made that decision no one will blame you!!! Books, poetry, writing. But it's okay if you are not. I spent so much time wanting to be a doctor that I didn't had time to think about other options. It's not that I don't to be in Medicine per say, I still want a career in Healthcare, I just don't want to be in clinical practice anymore. Long story short, medicine isn't for everyone. Just needed to pour out my thoughts because I can't sleep. we're truly thrilled for u <3, Thanks for sharing your story. I don't want to be a cat anymore. There isn’t a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought about how nice it will be to not have to be a nurse, or at least be a nurse because I want to and not because I have to. I hate to go against the tide, but in all honestly, if you are not maintaining your clinical practice, it may take a while to find a niche. I’m only entering my 3rd year of undergrad and I am exhausted. I'll try and think about some stuff my STEM friends are pursuing and put them below to maybe give you some ideas? The class was a literature in medicine course. I was relatively good in science and math during high school, so I felt this sort of duty to pursue a scientific career. I’m so glad you came to terms with this before it was too late. There's no question in my mind that today most doctors are businessmen first and doctors second. I want to get a job pertaining to my degree but I don’t wanna put myself under more stress and debt by trying to become a doctor. I work for an insurance company, it is on computer and phone all day but steady daylight weekends and holidays off. Please don’t assume the doctor won’t refill it; that’s for them to decide, not you. It wasn't until my fast-paced lifestyle came to a halt that I had time to truly ponder on this answer. I just wanted to tell you that you might even find what you've wanted all along in medicine. Want. I am also interested in OP’s answer to this. Press J to jump to the feed. Writing, English Literature, Spanish Poetry, French. For what it's worth, you did the right thing if you really don't want to pursue medicine. Do an internship. To sit down alone and question your motives, because sometimes we are doing stuff (crucial stuff) not because we really want to, but because of external factors and pressures. During my winter break, I got some shadowing in with a close doctor I've known. It's a good thing you realized that now before you started spending more money on apps, flights to interviews, and more. 5. ", He told us that story on the first day. I’m asking because medicine is pretty broad, and I think it is very common to be a little bit overwhelmed or turned off at some aspects of it... but you might find others that are much more intriguing. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. COVID-19 has also made me really slow down and evaluate why I’m doing this. Thank you so much for sharing this as well. There's no shame in recognizing what you want and gunning for that, even if you make your decision a little late. I realized had I pursued deeper into medicine and followed through with medical school and residency, I would probably be dead inside and god forbid how bad my mental health would’ve become. - Biochemistry major hoping to become a science communicator / journalist, - Biochemistry major who doesn't know (and that's okay!!). That in the relatively near future I was going to be a surgeon, that I was going to make my family proud, that I was going to be happy. Be prepared to give up your life, because the time commitment is even more than you think. ... now my doctor gave me medication to help reduce the allergic reaction and now I take showers in the morning instead of the afternoon so I don't get so heated up when I need to do stuff, sometimes I take two showers. Who knows. A person that greatly believed in my dream paid for an expensive LSAT course for me and I totally felt like I had let her down and my parents. Reach out if you want to talk more! ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Many of my friends were talking about going to medical school and becoming physicians. It brought a smile! At the end of the day, it is a job not your entire life. They basically just told you to which universities you could apply. In the medical field’s infinite lack of wisdom, several purported doctors claimed an array of different psychological and physiological conditions. As the resident medical school dropout, I'll say that it really depends on why you're leaving and what you're planning to do once you're "out." I went through all this because of ignorance. I think some of that anxiety you may hold when it comes to telling them is because you may hold expectations from other people (or expectations you think they have if you) that weigh you down. Crowd doctors provide medical cover to people attending large events taking place in stadiums and outdoor festivals. It might partially be burnout from school (especially ZoomU) talking, but I don't really think it is. ... maybe talk to your doctor/therapist about the side effects and what can be done. I'm not sure yet. I thought maybe I was a little burned out so after graduation I was going to take a year or two off to save some money and study for the LSAT. Not all stem careers end up in either research or medicine! The idea of becoming a physician first came to my mind when I was in high school. Becoming a doctor is not an easy path. 6. I just posted a reply to the OP how I had a similar story and ended up pursuing software because it was more fulfilling. I forced my self to attend extracurriculars, to go to meetings, to attend conferences. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. To. So if you are interested in medicine, but don't want to be a doctor, here are some of the careers you could consider … But fuck it, I am good at what I do. I still love the patients and still hate the rest. For me, I just felt a huge burden now that I still wasn't admitted into an MD program. Say good-bye to your weekends and evenings. Thanks for the wishes, and best of luck for you too. "I don't want a scope up there." Honest answer, I hate chem. 3.54 GPA My family was so proud. Of course, the feeling started at the beginning of my sophomore year. I guess it goes both ways. LOL! Aww Thank you so much for this comment. Because I wanted to make my family proud, because I wanted the social status that physicians have. None of these people are gonna be disappointed in you. Not judgement. Since I was 14, I knew two things that I wanted that I wanted to go a certain ivy and then go to another certain prestigious law school. The people who love and support my old dream also support this endeavor to become a doctor that I am starting now at almost 28 years old. HAPPY. I have a greater sex drive than my husband. Eventually I graduated. The 10th Doctor saying his greatest catchpharse better,Yes even better than allons-y or I'm So Sorry. I was sitting in a literature class in college, thinking to myself how much I loved it. What experiences turned you off if you don’t mind my asking? The system is quite abusive to new doctors and our burn out rate is high. The points you made about your mental health really resonated, because I was so worried about that too. I don't want to be exposed as much as the next guy and I'll put my health first before anybody else's. Coming to the realization that I don't want to become a doctor anymore. I'm in for one … Wow! Why should I have to live like this just so other people don’t feel bad?! Just think of it as part of the journey of figuring out what you want to do. The beautiful thing about being an undergrad in science is that even if your path changes, there are so many more doors open to you. I will admit that there are some interesting cases, but I don’t enjoy patient care as much as I thought unfortunately. During my winter break, I got some shadowing in with a close doctor I've known. I left home in this blind search for an acceptance letter that would assure me I was doctor material. Enjoy your new journey! My six year premed journey pursuing an MD. Much better to have "wasted" 2.5 years of your life than continue down this way and waste decades. Erin Aldag. In a span of two years I bought the MCAT five times. If not, there are also plenty of interesting opportunities in nursing. So to my point. The nice thing about science courses is that they are pretty flexible for a myriad of careers - dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry and more. How much shadowing did you do? Lots of nurses get that feeling that they don't want to do this anymore, but there are so many options. An experienced woman doctor there will help you to put things right if it is merely a matter of technique. If you haven’t yet picked up on it, I don’t want to be a doctor anymore. April 14, 2020. I identify so much with many of the things you wrote. They always say how it’s the “professional” thing to do and you “don’t want … Because I have completed most of the prereqs. I guess tonight became my breaking point and it has fully set in that I am no longer interested in medicine. Cash patients get whatever they want from doctors. At the moment I’m leaning towards PA school instead of an MD or DO school. My dad is/was MD PHD. I thought, you know what, let’s just give O chem I & II a shot. No one will or should be upset with this decision. Ha ha I know what you mean. Talk to people in other fields. Nothing is set in stone and you life experience will help you in whatever career you choose. I wish you the best. I worked through these exact feelings of worrying about disappointing my family and friends who were all so proud I was pre-med. Thank you for posting this, your thoughts and all of these comments are really nice to read. in the future! I wish you all the best in your future. If you’re smart enough to get a degree, you can do anything. Why did you assign yourself the physician flair lmao. I still had a GPA and ECs and everything conducive to getting into a DO school, I just didn't want to anymore. Even if it is, I can always go back for my DO at a later date as a nontrad assuming the competitiveness creep chills the fuck out a little. What drew you away from English grad school? I had a blast with the hands-on nursing style tasks during my AEMT clinicals freshman year and don't mind the idea of not being top dog in the healthcare hierarchy. I got halfway through grad school and realized I had made a horrible mistake. So, since being a doctor is very highly regarded, and since many of my friends were jumping on the same boat, I chose to major in Microbiology in order to apply to MedSchool later. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you want to do yet, or even if you’re not sure you’ll leave medicine yet. When you talked about the struggles of trying your best but it still wasn't enough, I really felt it. I am a little older (non trad.) I have slowly come to the realization that this isn't the path that I want to take anymore. I became obsessed with doing better than everyone. Another part of me hates myself because I wasted 2.5 years of college trying to pursue pre-med. In the future, maybe a career involving creative writing or even literature. "Men aren't used to being probed and examined like women are," says Mark Reichelderfer, M.D., the chief of clinical gastroenterology at UW Health in Wisconsin. Just curious. I just get the bread and butter ones as mentioned above. You don't get to … Dr. Higgins is also author of Living Better Electrically, A … The purpose of shadowing is to help you figure out if you want to be part of the medical profession. Surrounded by so many premeds, you could sense the competitive environment everywhere. In this break I’ve realized I really like to have free time and hobbies. I spent the summer looking into what I could do with my degree, from working at a brewery to grad school and I have pretty much settled on an ABSN. Best of luck going forward! I don't want this. I don’t regret taking both of those courses. Do whatever makes you happy. As I reflect upon writing this, I will mention that despite doing well in my classes, I was pretty miserable. One week prior to the test I made my decision. I also felt a lot of what you felt. In that time, my friends start going to prestigious law schools (quite a few went to my dream law school) and I realized I did not want that for myself and it took me a long time to accept that about myself. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Well, I'm a sophomore. So why don’t doctors know? I hate my body and i don't want to be in it anymore. If you do that for a few years and hate it then try something else. This is not what I … 1. But I told myself myself over and over again that this would eventually pass. I lost my happiness since I thought I was restricted to this since I was a physical science degree and limited to only this (not true btw). And you shouldn't trust your doctor anymore than you trust your stockbroker, (if you are foolish enough to have one). I'm glad you found what you enjoy. And I’m at the point now where I’m trying to determine why other people’s emotions and feelings outweigh my own. Don’t think of it as “wasting” 2.5 years of undergrad. In the meantime, I worked and got some perspective on what I want and now I am in the premed journey . Live. Thank you for sharing, I think this is just what I needed!! But I just can’t do it anymore. The truth is, it’s not my dream. Press J to jump to the feed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Although CARS's logic is very odd. I had a very similar epiphany early in the lockdown last summer. Because when someone keels over at a state dinner, you don't want your doctor to be under-dressed! I took chem 1, failed, took it again, got a C. I'ma about to finish Chem 2, test grades so far are D,D, F, so there's a 99% chance I won't get in anyways. I frankly gave too much of myself in its pursuit: I lost my self esteem since no matter how hard I tried in doing well in majority of the courses, it never worked out. I learned quite a bit, and have a huge appreciation for the field. Really, don’t beat yourself up. Pros: I won’t be sad. I’m honestly proud of you. If I could have a ginormous private practice that meant I went off for a round of golf, I would. I managed to get accepted in a laboratory and do some research in a topic I couldn't be less interested in. If you become a lit professor don’t let the pre-meds sass you about how “literature isn’t important” - they need it to be well-rounded, but if that doesn’t convince them tell them they need it for CARS lol, Oh wow. During the pandemic I actually started to learn programming, I'm a software engineer. Please don’t tell me, I “shouldn’t be in pain this soon after surgery,” don’t judge my asking for pain medication, or for a call from the doctor. In my school they didn't helped you much with the major decision of choosing a career path. Your reaction can be the reason why I don’t … ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. I don't want sex anymore. That's okay! I’ll start off by saying I don’t mean this for major situations where someone needs to be let go right away. ... took my mcat and applied and I realized I just don’t want to pursue medicine anymore. I do this not because I want to help deal with the pandemic or because I'm a "hero" but because if I didn't I'd be out of a job and homeless. You are absolutely right. I neglected myself for too long. Doctors prefer cash patients because they get paid immediately (insurance claims can take months to process). It goes both ways. I’ve been thinking after working for some time to gather some cash, I’ll go back to school for a data science masters. I wanted to share my story here because maybe someone has felt the same way, and maybe this will give you another perspective. ... we have spent years training to get to this point — the point where we can finally call ourselves “Doctor” even knowing that we still have three to five years of supervised training during residency ahead of us. Just make sure to save for retirement in the meantime! I want to sell out. I graduated as a management major and have been in sales for 8 years before realizing I really needed to become a doctor. At this point, I am not sure how I should feel... By the way, my intention for this post is to not discourage anyone on the pre-med path. You can ask for a medication by name and it’s yours! Maybe it was at some point not too long ago, but my first semester of college truly revamped my perception of most things. Man, hold my tears. I’m sure the med prereqs will help you think scientifically in whatever field you decide to go into. I’m looking at tech lab jobs for when I graduate, and I’m also considering an associate’s in nursing at a local community college. If someone is stealing, obviously you don’t need to give them a two week notice. When I read that writing is what stirs your soul I immediately thought: well no wonder. It is OKAY to change your mind about things and its also okay to change your mind back. I'm trapped in it. And aside from all of the reasons why I want to note that this is an expressive piece and not one drafted to discourage any pre-meds from pursuing their dream. I don't really want to talk to people anymore. Thank you for posting this, as I am in the exact same boat as you. I will also be letting down the doctor that I was super close with. Either way, best of luck on your journey :). Good for you. Our education begins with learning the basics of anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and microbiology. For now, I want to take a brake and get to know myself better. Especially so if a better career path for you is out there. Also a sophomore who decided that maybe medicine wasn’t for her. But that’s alright, I’ve slowly come to terms with it. The landscape of medicine is changing and doctors are just constantly beaten down. Also went through the experience of then searching for a new path. Reddit's home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies. I’m pursuing it, but I wouldn’t put that on my kid unless they really wanted it. When this year is done, I am gone. Though frankly pre-med did not do good things to my gpa, but I prefer this as opposed to medicine now. A doctor recently told me that I was losing money for the practice, and the way payments are (numbers of visits seen per day), it is probably true. Crowd Doctor This is a great career path for those who gain fulfillment from being able to help others as a doctor, but who perhaps don’t want to work in a clinical hospital environment.

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