What does IER do for me?

What does IER do for me?

In a country with an ever increasing crime rate, one tends to feel the need to up security around your home and loved ones.

Newspapers are fully loaded with crimes like murder, theft, robbery and hijacking – making it quite understandable that people are feeling more and more uneasy about being out and about in the City.

This growing fear was the motivation behind the iER App, but how exactly will the app help you in an emergency?

Firstly, because tragedy doesn’t keep working hours, the application is a 24 hour a day, seven days a week safety measure, with a dedicated call centre to guide you through an emergency, as well as dispatch help at any hour.

The trained call centre staff ensure that the correct emergency service is sent to you as quickly as possible. The iER staff are specially trained to fully assess your emergency situation, send the appropriate service and guide you through any steps you can take to stay safe until help  arrives.

In an emergency, time and accuracy are the most important factors, and can be the difference between a good or bad outcome.

It is imperative to have a plan in place for when anything goes wrong; iER is that safety net.

Because you have the iER app on your phone, you are always connected. The app contains unique built-in alerts and a GPS tracking functionality, so that the emergency services can locate you with ease; ensuring for a swift, hassle free rescue.

iER has even taken the services provided a step further. In the event of an emergency, iER will notify your family and emergency contacts.

iER offers members three different plan options.

It is Standard that everyone gets full and free access to the service providers on the network, as the iER App is free on all devices, and on all networks. If you want to upgrade to a package that allows you access to utilise iER’s full cover, There is a Premium Plan and a Premium Plan Plus that offer loads of extras for post emergency protocol, for a nominal fee.

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