During the festive seasons, the vibe is more heightened than usual and people generally tend to be spending quality time off-duty doing some of the things they love, with some of their favourite people. Service providers, on the other hand, are still on rotational duty, working shifts to keep the neighbourhood safe and sound during the December holidays. It is that time of the year, during which there are increased family disputes, alcohol consumption goes up, car accidents are on the rise and general crime numbers escalate uncontrollably.

Indeed, the festive season can take a 180o turn for the worst, calling on emergency service providers to intervene and manage various crises. As much as one crisis may differ from the next, service providers experience ranging levels of stress, not only with every real call of duty received, but also when they find out an urgent call for help was a false alarm. It goes without saying that false alarms are still billed and must be paid for.

It is not always possible to gauge the severity of sudden and frightening situations, but help is a press of a button away.

When you send an iER alert, you may select a range of recipients to send your alert to. An alert may be sent to the 24/7 iER call centre, a public cell of fellow app users, all friends family nearby, neighbours or any other cell you have created according to your social networks. If you send your alert to the iER call centre, only the call centre will receive that alert. All response agents are trained to call you back as soon as your alert has been received so they can assess your alert in various ways to determine the severity of your call.

The alert will show your location, as well as directions for recipients to navigate themselves to you. Once your alert has been accepted, you will receive a note letting you know that the respondent is on their way. The respondent would be able to assist by reaching you faster than service providers and stabilise your situation without further intervention.

We are here to help you. Once we have validated your life-threatening situation, we will be able to get you the help you need to stabilise you or secure your surroundings. Alternatively, we will advise you on the best route to take to get yourself out of danger.

We know how to help you. You are more than welcome to let us know what is going on, and we will ensure you get the help you need, when you need it most.

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