What to do if your child is hurt at school

What to do if your child is hurt at school

Having your child injured at school is one of every parent’s worst fears. We instinctively protect our kids, but when they are at school, they have to fend for themselves. This is a terrifying reality that has most parents in tears on the first day of primary school. It does get easier when you get used to them being away for most of the day.

However, finding out that your child has gotten hurt while you thought he/she was safe at school can be both infuriating and confusing. Who is responsible? Is the school liable? What are the steps that need to be taken and in which order.

Get there!

Get to the school or hospital as soon as you can. The first port if call is dealing with any serious injuries, before even thinking about handling anything else. Once you have evaluated that your child is okay, ask him/her to tell you exactly what happened.

If there’s no need for immediate medical treatment, then you probably already know right away that the injury isn’t serious and there won’t be any long-lasting or financial repercussions from medical negligence, says Community Today. This doesn’t mean that there wasn’t negligence on the school’s part, especially if you have a young child.

Document the damage

Take pictures of any breaks or bruises, cuts and anything else that can serve as evidence later if need be. Take statements from your child, the teacher and ask teachers to ask any kids who may have seen what happened to give their account.

If you find that there was negligent behaviour by the person who was responsible for minding your child, then your next step will be a legal one. You will need to see a skilled personal injury attorney, especially if you need to cover the medical costs of the injury.

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