What to do when you get an iER Alert

What to do when you get an iER Alert

The iER app has fast gained well-deserved popularity as a necessary safety measure, should emergency situations arise. Many people rely on the app’s convenience and immediate alert options in order to alert friends and family, or the authorities, of dire situations. But, on the other end of the spectrum; what do you do when you receive an iER alert from someone?

iER has built in a group feature that allows users to pre-select the community members, friends or family they would like alerted in different situations. This means that you could be someone’s nominated emergency contact, which gives you the responsibility of reacting to whatever the person’s needs may be and being able to assist either by going to help such person personally or their location, or sending the help that he or she may need.

IT Web explains: “A user could create a neighbourhood watch group on the app, and if there is a home invasion in the area, should he/she press the criminal activity SOS button, an alert would be sent out to the neighbourhood watch group as well as the police and armed response.” This means that you, as a community member, can mobilise the necessary course of action to protect yourself and your belongings.

Another example is that if the user’s car breaks down, an alert will be sent to close family and friends groups, as well as a tow-truck driver. In this situation, the user’s loved ones could use the GPS co-ordinates sent with the alert to track their friend to make sure he person gets home safely, or drive to help if it’s close by.

For this feature to work, each member of the group has to download the app and activate the free service.

The notifications to family and friends also allow family to know what is happening and have the opportunity to comfort loved ones and support them at the scene.

If you receive an alert, immediately call the person and see how you can be of assistance.

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