What to do when you witness a crime

What to do when you witness a crime

The world we live in can be a scary place, especially with the crime rate at an all-time high. These days, the chances of you witnessing a crime are very high, it’s best to be prepared should you find yourself witnessing an unlawful act.


What should I do?

Well, the first thing to do would be to stay safe. For example, if you see someone being robbed, assess whether or not your life is also in immediate danger. If you are some distance from the perpetrator, alert people nearby or even call the police from your phone.

In instances like these, having an app like iER is most beneficial. Emergency assistance can be alerted to your situation at the touch of a button.

Always be sure to take your own safety into consideration first. It is never a good idea to get involved in an altercation with a criminal.


Pay attention.

Try to stay calm and observe your surroundings. Make a note of what the perpetrator is wearing and any other information that may be crucial in case the perpetrator gets away.

Notice the make, model and licence number, or any other distinguishing details of the vehicle, if possible.

Arrive Alive says when you have witnessed a crime, it is important to consider reporting it to the police. Although you may be required to testify if you report the crime you have witnessed, you will do your social responsibility and, in some way, prevent similar crimes from happening in future.

In more passive instances, when the crime is non-violent, it is important to report it to the person in charge of the company or place where the crime took place.

Always be honest about what you have witnessed and be thorough in your descriptions. Any small detail could be used as evidence by the police.

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