What To Expect And Prepare For On Voting Day

What To Expect And Prepare For On Voting Day

As the national voting day draws near, there are a few things to remember. For instance, ensure that you plan your day and prepare for anything that might disrupt how you get to your voting station. Read on to learn about what to expect and prepare for on voting day.

Crowds and Long Queues

As you prepare to leave your house for your voting station, it’s important to equip yourself for the possibility of crowded spaces and potentially long queues. While safety measures like queue marshalls and specific crowd control barriers will be in place, planning for the unexpected is empowering. For instance, unforeseen surging and swaying could inadvertently push you into fixed structures.

Depending on your voting location, you might encounter excited and unpredictable crowds. Taking responsibility for your safety involves avoiding the centre of such activity. Above all, ensuring your children are proactive in understanding and following crowd safety protocol before you leave home is essential.

Spreading Misinformation

Did you know that voting information can be manipulated to disrupt the outcome of elections? Nowadays, the threat of spreading misinformation might be a common practice due to the widespread use of social media. However, if such information spreads far and wide, it could not only undermine the integrity of the election but also lead to voter confusion, incorrect voting procedures, and even reporting to the wrong voting station.

When in doubt, remember to rely on the IEC website for the most accurate and up-to-date information. If you’re still uncertain, don’t hesitate to reach out to their designated volunteers who will be available on the day. Trusting reliable sources like these is crucial, as getting the wrong information could significantly impact your voting outcome and even lead you to the wrong voting station.

Medical Emergencies

Standing in long queues for hours can trigger underlying health conditions. Recognising and addressing these issues promptly is key, as it could be life and death. For instance, leg pain, a common symptom of prolonged standing, could be an early sign of a more severe condition. It’s essential to be prepared for such potential health hazards and to know when to send an alert on the FREE-to-use iER App. This app provides immediate access to medical services, potentially saving lives in emergencies.

Standing all day to cast your vote can lead to various discomforts such as leg cramps, backache, and excess pressure on your joints. These discomforts, if not addressed, could potentially trigger chronic health concerns. If you feel unwell while waiting in line to vote, it’s necessary to take action. Speak to the designated volunteers at your station to access medical care before the situation escalates into a more serious emergency.

Road Safety

While traffic might be the last thing you think about on the voting day, you should stay prepared, plan your route the night before, and check if it’s ideal. You should avoid leaving everything to the last minute and rush to join queues. There might likely be increased incidents of reckless driving that require extra precautions when making your way to where you will be voting.

Additionally, you should be mindful of designated parking spaces and restrictions that might be placed. If you are frustrated, it’s mandatory to remain calm and drive cautiously without reacting aggressively towards other drivers. Since some people might take this day as a public holiday, it’s possible to interact with drunk drivers who might increase the risk of accidents on the road.

With just a few days left before millions of South Africans can vote, it’s important to remember to prepare for safety measures. Even though the government has reassured you that nothing has been left to chance, keeping you and your loved ones safe is still important. Download the FREE-to-use iER App as your safety companion in any emergency.

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