What to have with you when you go to the hospital

What to have with you when you go to the hospital

Whether you are there for an emergency, or a routine procedure; at one point or another everyone has to have an overnight stay at a hospital. Being prepared can make your stay easier.

What do I need?

Firstly, always remember to have your ID Document and proof of address with you, for all verification purposes. This makes things easier for the admin staff to book a bed for you, and confirm all necessary details with your medical aid or medical insurance.

Also keep your medical aid or medical insurance cards with you as well.

Then, always keep a charger in your bag.

Most of us have mobile phones, which besides being a source of some entertainment when you’re laying alone in your ward, is a necessary tool to stay in touch with family and friends about what is happening, when you will be discharged, and when visiting hours will be (among other things).

Along the lines of electronics, earphones are a commodity in hospital wards! Have your own pair in your bag so that you can listen to your videos, music and voice notes without disturbing the other patients.

Bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, moisturiser and any other toiletries you use. You will want to stay fresh and clean for the duration of your stay. You will see several doctors, nurses and other patients – hygiene is key in hospital wards.

During your stay you will want to be as comfortable as possible; pack a weather appropriate nightgown and other bedclothes.

Don’t forget your comfy bed slippers to move around in.

If you are a chronic medication user, bring those along too.

Medicine Net also suggests taking writing paper and a pen, for making notes or recording questions you want to ask your doctor.

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