What you get as a member at iER

What you get as a member at iER

iER is the Emergency response app that has changed the general approach to safety. This proactive application is your 24/7 link to emergency services, and allows you peace of mind when you’re out and about, putting emergency assistance at your fingertips, as you are always connected to a response team via your cell phone.

So what do you get when you sign up to iER?

Once you secure your membership to the iER network, you download the app on your phone to be connected to the iER Call Centre.

All the agents are expertly trained to assess the type of assistance that you need when you press the alert button, so that they can send the exact type of help you need to your precise location; whether you need an ambulance, a fire brigade or any other type of help.

You also load your own set of emergency contacts, so that when you are in danger, the app automatically alerts your family members of your situation.

You can choose which friends to add to each cell or category and which alerts to send to each cell.

There are 2 kinds of Cells.

Public Cells: Cells that anyone can view and request to join. For example your local CPF or Security Company.

Private Cell: Cells that you have created and only you can view.

iER is automatically added as a friend on each cell and your alerts will always be sent to the iER call centre Cell for assistance.

In addition, your family member will also receive an alert to what is happening and has the option of responding to you, or forwarding the alert to someone closer to you, if they themselves are unable to assist.

The iER site explains that if you are the emergency contact; “The alert will show you the emergency and the location of the person. If you want directions to the scene you can press the blue arrow, which will give you a map to the location. You can call the person by pressing the telephone button. If you are accepting the alert you can also send a note to the person.”

“Your friend will receive confirmation that you are on your way, and how long it might take to reach them.’

For any further information, please contact us on 0861 10 60 80. Alternatively, email us on

Please allow one working day for a response to email queries.

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