Why Are Emergency Services Overwhelmed?

Why Are Emergency Services Overwhelmed?

Most people cannot deal with unexpected delays when they need emergency services dispatched to their location. Response times can be the main difference between survival and fatalities. Read on to learn about why emergency services are overwhelmed.

Shortage of Resources

One of emergency response services’ main recurring challenges is the widespread shortage of resources. For instance, the demand for emergency medical rescue services, such as reliable ambulances, can impact the quality of care provided when resources are scarce. These challenges can vary from retaining skilled professionals due to low salaries and high stress levels to the need for more medical equipment and supplies.

The high demand for efficient emergency services nationwide affects most people, with more weather-related emergencies, such as flooding and violent crime-related injuries, having affected the country in recent years. Even though there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, there are ways to prevent the crisis faced by emergency response service providers. For instance, collaboration with the iER App has improved the availability and response times to deliver quick solutions nationwide.

Poor Road Conditions

Road safety poses several challenges, which are marked by an increased number of fatal accidents. This issue affects everyone, including emergency service providers. Besides the lack of efficient service delivery required to maintain and repair roads, extreme weather conditions that contribute to flood damage have increased the poor road conditions without proper infrastructure and resources available to tackle the underlying problems, such as existing potholes.

Addressing these poor road conditions can help reduce the burden emergency response teams face. Most importantly, it can improve the safety and efficiency of response times in remote areas. However, some processes are required to reduce the risks of poor road infrastructure.

Communication Barriers

Communication is an important tool for enhancing emergency service delivery. However, some people experience communication barriers, such as limited reading or writing skills and disabilities that affect speech. In emergency situations, being able to provide enough information can help save lives and improve the chances of providing urgent care for injuries.

Load shedding has also increased the impact of communication barriers during emergencies. For instance, cell phone towers can lose signal, making it difficult to use your iER App to connect to emergency response teams on time. This can leave you vulnerable and without access to emergency services when you’re in need.

Mental Health Challenges

If you’re a victim of an emergency, it’s common to experience distress and panic. Research suggests that the same can be said for emergency response personnel. More than 80% of first responders are highly likely to report mental health-related symptoms.

The ongoing interaction with severe injuries, violence and fatalities can affect emergency responders. Additionally, in some cases, they might face threats to safety, such as frequent night shifts and long working hours. These are everyday risks that can lead to mental and physical hardships that could overburden emergency services.

How to React in an Emergency

Understanding that emergency services are overwhelmed can help improve how you handle yourself and loved ones when faced with a crisis. These are some tips you can consider when faced with a life-and-death situation:

  • Use your FREE iER App to connect to our 24-hour emergency contact centre.
  • Assess if the situation is extreme and think of the circumstances before acting.
  • Try to stay calm and avoid panicking.
  • Use a first-aid kit if necessary.
  • Don’t attempt to move the injured person or put your life at risk.
  • Check for bleeding and any signs of shock.

Sometimes, these factors can cause delays when you require immediate emergency response. While several factors can influence emergency service delivery, it’s important to remember how to react when faced with an incident to improve your chances of survival. However, the iER App provides immediate emergency assistance when you require medical or non-medical emergency services.

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