Why community groups are so important

Why community groups are so important

Staying abreast of local news is important, especially when it comes to spotting suspicious activity and staying clear of any potentially violent protests. However, a great way to keep informed and to inform others in your immediate area is with the use of a community Facebook group.

Facebook groups have long been popular for giving like-minded people a space to engage with each other on the social media site, and a great trend that has been around for a few years is the Facebook community group; essentially a cyber-neighbourhood watch.


If you need to announce important, relevant information regarding your area, this is the place to do it. Will your builders be making a noise in a certain road? Did you spot something or someone suspicious in the park? The community group is the place to make announcements or ask for advice.

Get to know the people in your area

There is safety in numbers. Even if you develop a casual relationship with some of the people in your area, knowing who is a visitor and who is a resident can really help weed out illegal activities.


Many people have been known to announce emergencies in the group and have the person closest come and assist them in real life. Sometimes you don’t have airtime or data to call for help, and being part of a community group can really save a life. You can even ask about services nearby like doctors and dentists. It is a very good idea to enter a community group, especially if you are new to an area.

The best and most important part of Facebook community groups is that they are regulated and any out-of-line behaviour or foul language can be curbed, and members who constantly misbehave run the risk of being banned. This threat really helps to keep things in order.

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