Why is the iER app free to use?

Why is the iER app free to use?

The iER app is a free emergency application that can be downloaded on any smart device. It gives the user peace of mind by offering a no-cost solution for emergencies. The App is a panic button that  can be used in a variety of situations to ensure that the proper response team is sent to the scene of an emergency or crime. It is a one-click solution, available for everyone.

There is no membership fee to make use of the iER application, although data or a Wi-Fi connection is required for use. Anyone who has the app, which can be downloaded from all app stores, can make use of the emergency response facilities. This is because the app was designed to be accessible.

The FREE iER App is the gateway to emergency response services, including a national network of private, semi-private and government emergency medical and non-medical response services.

Monique Delport, a manager at iER, says: “The only thing that a member of the public would be held accountable and responsible for would be the cost of the service providers’ fees should they have delivered a service, for example, a locksmith, plumber and private ambulance (if that was requested specifically) although our iER agents know what questions to ask. If an individual requires ambulance transport and does not have a medical aid, we would know best to rather dispatch a state ambulance as the client will be held liable for covering the costs. Private ambulances will be dispatched using the Medical Aid criteria by confirming the designated service provider for that Medical Aid.”

She continues: “To have access to our services and assistance from over 7 000 + service providers is totally free and no one has to have an iER Policy to gain access to the services offered by iER.”

iER Standard

Everyone gets full and free access to the service providers on our network.

Whether you phone the call centre or send an Alert via the iER App, iER will be able to dispatch the following response services directly to your location:


iER Premium Plan

All FREE benefits are included in the Premium Plan.

As a Premium member, you are granted access to additional benefits such as 24-hour telephonic medical advice, priority iER call centre services and Emergency casualty room stabilisation up to R6 000 per event.


iER Premium PLUS

All FREE benefits are included in the Premium Plus Plan.

As a Premium Plus member, you are granted access to additional benefits, such as Emergency evacuation services and Hospital stabilisation deposit up to R75 000 per event.

Visit the iER site for more details.

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