Why you need a first aid kit in the car and what’s in it?

Why you need a first aid kit in the car and what’s in it?

South Africa’s roads are notoriously high risk, and the likelihood of being in an accident, major or minor is pretty high.

Besides the risk of road accidents, having an emergency kit in your car for anything from scratches, itchy bites and allergic reactions is beneficial, as we spend several hours in our vehicles a day, a timeframe in which anything can happen.

Before we discuss the first aid kit, there are certain ‘standard emergency items’ to have at all times, in case of an accident or breakdown; namely a cell phone and charger, emergency contact numbers, waterproof flashlight and batteries, a Blanket, flares and sunscreen.

So, what should be in your glove compartment first-aid kit?

Bandages, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, and gauze pads are some of the most common first-aid items that should be in every kit, according to First Time Driver.

A first-aid manual should also be easily accessible in your car in case of an emergency. Some of the other important items that you should include in your kit are instant/chemical cold and hot packs, disposable gloves, plastic bags, scissors, tweezers, cotton balls and Q-tips, sterile eyewash, thermometers, as well as soap and hand sanitizer.

It is also beneficial to carry medication, especially for long trips in which you may not pass a pharmacy for hours.

Important in these kits is antihistamines, which fight against allergic reactions, Aspirin and non-aspirin pain relievers, Antidiarrheal medication to prevent dehydration and cold and flu meds.

This is especially important to have if you are travelling with children.

Wheels24 advises; a first-aid kit should not be a hassle to take with you on holiday or keep in your vehicle. A good size is usually something that can fit comfortably into your glove compartment or one size larger that you keep in the boot of your vehicle. With regards to design, it should be something that is durable, preferably a bright colour so it can be easily identified and water resistant.

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